Bringing better care & quality of
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Images courtesy of Dr Toby Garrood
Guy's Hospital, London

Introducing Serac Life Sciences

We’re passionate about delivering personalised medicine to more patients – ensuring each individual receives the right treatment at the right time, resulting in improved outcomes, better quality of life and reduced costs.

Prototype of Hybrid Gamma Camera
Hybrid Gamma Optical Camera Prototype
Thyroid imaging using Hybrid Gamma Camera
Thyroid: High Resolution Optical Gamma & Hybrid Images
Images courtesy of Dr S Bugby, Prof J Lees, Prof A Perkins

Our Science

Maraciclatide and Seracam (hybrid gamma/optical camera)

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Molecular imaging and personalised medicine

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Healthcare Professionals

Bringing molecular imaging to more patients

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Developing game-changing molecular imaging technology

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About Us

Discover more about the team behind Serac Life Sciences

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News items about our company and products

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